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Drew Houck, Loan Originator (NMLS #53712)

Seeing someone have a house key given to them at a closing and knowing I had a part in the process is hugely satisfying. So many people do not realize that they can buy a home, are unsure what to do as a first step and are simply intimidated by lenders. This is where I help by showing them the steps to take and often how to get their credit scores in a range to purchase. For over ten years, I have crunched peoples' finances, learned their children's names, where they went to school, what sports they follow and what dreams they have for the future.

I am a 2004 graduate of Murray State University, with a BS in Business. Neva Grey Allbritten, my grandmother, was in banking her whole career. I guess lending runs in the family! My sport was soccer, both in high school and college. Not surprisingly, my oldest son is on a traveling soccer team. With the strength that my youngest son has in his kicks, he will soon follow.

Family is important to me, just like I'm sure it is to you. I guarantee that I will show you and your family the respect you deserve when you come into my office to refinance or buy a home. -Drew

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